Help us help them.

Lost Pawses

Maxine Mueller
Big Cheese, TRIPMAKERS of Houston, Travel Agents

oUR mission

To be the donor of last resort animal-based charities around the Houston area when they need emergency funds.

Thomas Ross, III
Financial Advisor

Vance Burks
Lost Pawses founder, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.
Financial Advisor

board members

Hans Boas
Senior Counsel, BP America, Inc

how you can help

Donate now or come to our annual fundraiser. Our motto is if it's not fun, we're not doing it.

Jay Landa
Impresario,   j. Landa Jewelry

meet the people behind the pawses

Honorary board members


To help support Houston-area rescue organizations and shelter so they can keep up their work of saving lives.

Joe Egan
Central Region Sales Manager
Touch Dynamic

Who we Are

Haley Harris
Maker’s Mark Distillery Diplomat for the Houston Market

Connie Burke
Travel Specialist, Universal Travel

Anne Hedrich
Corporate Communications
Apache Corporation