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Lost Pawses

Lost Pawses Work Day

March 9, 2024

Just in case you thought that Lost Pawses is only about adult beverages, socializing with our friends and raising money for local animal shelters - well you're mostly, but not completely right.

If you are interested in doing an event like this (it was a blast despite the hard work), please e-mail me at

Lastly, if you are interested in giving a dog a chance at a better life, there is no place better that Houston K911.  Many of their dogs like Gus have seen the worst that life has to offer.  Show them something better!

Houston K9-11, one of our long-time rescue partners has recently suffered a loss of their workforce due to health issues, etc.  To make matters worse, some of their would-be adoptees including the famous Gus, simultaneously decided to film their own version of "The Great Escape". To remedy this, a few of the Lost Pawses board members along with friends and significant others, spent a beautiful spring day out in the country turning one of their dog runs into a supermax facility so the dogs can play in safety...... Pictures below